360 Medical Center

Prof. Guido Mannaerts

 Bariatric surgery by minimal invasive techniques (including scarless sleeve gastrectomy and all types of complex revisional bariatric surgical techniques)
Laparoscopic oncology surgery

Prof. Guido Mannaerts PhD

Consultant General Surgeon

Nationality: Dutch/ Netherlands

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, German

Department: Surgery (bariatric and oncology surgery)

Designation (as on his license): Consultant General Surgeon

Educational Qualifications: MD, PhD, Double Dutch Board fellowship super-specialisation in Gastro-intestinal and Oncology surgery,
Professor at UAEU

Summary: Prof. Guido Mannaerts PhD, is besides a pleasant trustful doctor one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the region who has performed over 10000 surgeries. He has a special focus on safe and minimal scar (scar-less) fast-recovery surgical approach (less painful) and has a wide experience in all types of surgeries including the most complex revisional bariatric techniques. Moreover, he is a very experienced laparoscopic oncological surgeon. Besides that, due to his scientific background of having a PhD and having published over 75 scientific medical publications, he is up to date with the newest and most safe surgical techniques.